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Included with admission, select one per person in party.

Chefs Showcase-Garlic Herb Crusted Lamb $60.00
(Featured this March & April) A half-rack of lamb is generously coated in a blend of garlic and aromatic herbs, then slow-roasted to bring out its tender, juicy flavors. It’s accompanied by whipped rutabaga for a smooth, creamy texture and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts, enhanced with smoked pancetta and crispy shallots for a savory crunch. The dish is finished with a drizzle of maple balsamic reduction for a sweet and tangy contrast.

Chefs Showcase 5-Spice Duck $40.00
(Featured this May & June) Duck breast is marinated in a traditional 5-spice blend, capturing the essence of each spice, and then pan-seared. It’s served with a star anise and plum port jus that adds a layer of sweet and aromatic complexity. The dish is completed with sides of baby bok choy for a gentle crunch, creamy parsnip purée for smoothness, and crispy duck fat cracklings for a decadent bite.

Chefs Showcase Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank $50.00
(Featured this July & August) Slowly braised for five hours in a rich red wine sauce, this lamb shank is accompanied by roasted baby creamer potatoes and carrots, finished with a sprinkle of fresh gremolata for a burst of flavor.

Chefs Showcase Black Truffle Chicken $65.00
(Featured this September & October) A chicken breast encrusted with black truffle, resting in a deep Madeira wine sauce, served with blanched white asparagus and truffled potato. A luxurious combination that balances earthy and rich tastes.

Chefs Showcase Venison Loin with Berry Gastrique $45.00
(Featured this November & December) Marinated in juniper and rosemary, this roasted venison loin is complemented by a sharp berry gastrique, alongside golden beetroot puree and crispy parsnip ribbons, offering a rich, gamey flavor with sweet and tangy accents.

Roasted Prime Rib
(Available Year Round) A generous cut of perfectly aged and slow roasted ribeye, rubbed with a Chef’s blend of seasoning. Hand carved and served medium-rare. Accompanied by Chef's choice of fresh, seasonal vegetables roasted with olive oil, minced garlic and fresh parmesan cheese.

Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese
(Available Year Round) Baked Vermont white cheddar traditional macaroni and cheese with a crispy panko crust. Comfort food for the soul!

Vegan Mushroom Steaks
(January-June) A selection of gourmet mushrooms is grilled to create a “steak,” paired with fire-roasted haricot verts for a smoky flavor, and red skin mashed potatoes for comfort. The dish is brought to life with a vibrant chimichurri sauce, adding a fresh and herbaceous note.

Chicken & Dumplings
(January-June) Crispy chicken is served over French beans that have been marinated in a roasted garlic wine, adding a depth of flavor. The dish includes handmade gnudi and Fontina cheese for a rich and creamy texture, nestled in a lightly dressed frisée salad for freshness.

Vegetarian Mushroom Bourguignon
(January-June) Gourmet mushrooms and root vegetables are slow-simmered in a rich red wine sauce, creating a vegetarian twist on the classic bourguignon. Served with golden Duchess potatoes, this dish offers a comforting, umami-packed experience with a vegan option available.

Sea Scallops
(January-June) Sea scallops are seared to perfection and placed on a bed of caramelized pearl onions and warm purple potato purée. A light basil béchamel sauce is drizzled over the scallops, finished with a crunchy panko topping for texture.

Bourbon Glazed Airline Chicken
(July-September) A sugar and salt brined chicken breast, glazed in bourbon, served on a smoked Gouda white bean purée with grilled vegetables. The brining and glazing processes ensure a juicy, flavorful chicken with a hint of sweetness and a smoky depth.

Grilled Eggplant Roulade
(July-September) A slice of eggplant grilled and rolled with a filling of quinoa, feta cheese, fire-roasted red peppers, and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a tomato and white wine sauce and pesto, garnished with a parmesan crisp. (Vegan substitutes available)

Black Garlic Swordfish
(July-September) Marinated in black garlic, this swordfish fillet is served with forbidden rice pilaf and braised Swiss chard, all tied together with a pineapple gastrique, offering a complex balance of sweet, savory, and umami flavors.

Roasted Turkey Roulade
(October-December)Turkey breast rolled with a cranberry and chestnut stuffing, accompanied by sweet potato purée and Brussels sprouts. This dish combines traditional holiday flavors in a refined presentation, perfect for the festive season.

Butternut Squash Wellington
(October-December) Our Butternut Squash Wellington beautifully encases roasted butternut squash, wild mushrooms, and tender spinach within flaky pastry, enriched with creamy Brie cheese, blending seamlessly with the earthy ingredients. It’s served with a warm sage-infused cream sauce, we also offer vegan options to ensure everyone can enjoy this celebration of festive flavors.

Sea Bass with Saffron Velouté
(October-December) A seared sea bass fillet on a creamy bed of leek and potato fondant, covered in a delicate saffron velouté. This dish presents a subtle blend of textures and flavors, highlighted by the luxurious saffron sauce.

Available add-ons. Offered for an additional charge.
Lobster Tail, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Vegetarian Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Dietary Restrictions/Allergies

All meals include: Appetizer, Soup/Salad, Palate Cleanser, Entrée and Dessert

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Dietary Requests

When purchasing your admission you will be prompted to select an entrée. These choices are available with several special dietary upgrades for an additional charge. Once this selection is made you can explain in the field provided what we need to be aware of to accommodate your request. Such as, gluten free, lactose intolerant, or other allergy. If further explanation is required please email us a detailed explanation to

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