Discover The Prestige's Distinctive Menu

Admission includes your choice of entrée below:

Prime Rib Shepherd's Pie

Roasted Prime Rib chunks in a thick, savory, vegetable stew
served in a mountain of fresh garlic-herb mashed potatoes.

Chicken Pot Pie

A generous serving of fresh chicken diced into
a vegetable stew filling with a light, flaky, buttery crust.

Personal Pizza | Vegan/Gluten Free

A vegan friendly personal Pizza baked fresh with market
vegetables and herbs in our secret house pizza sauce.

Vermont Macaroni and Cheese

Traditional macaroni with Vermont White Cheddar Cheese available
with chicken or lobster for an additional charge.

You May Finalize Your Entree Later

Final entree's must be confirmed no later than the day prior to your event. You can edit this reservation at anytime by logging into your account. You will not receive a reminder. IF A MEAL IS NOT CHOSEN A VEGETARIAN ENTREE WILL BE PREPARED BY DEFAULT

Dietary Requests

When purchasing your admission you will be prompted to select an entrée. These choices are available with several special dietary upgrades for an additional charge. Once this selection is made you can explain in the field provided what we need to be aware of to accommodate your request. Such as, gluten free, lactose intolerant, or other allergy. If further explanation is required please email us a detailed explanation to



Jumbo shrimp cocktail – $10

Six chilled jumbo shrimp served with a side of cocktail sauce

Vegetarian mushroom caps – $8

Stuffed with nut free pesto three cheese topped
with balsamic glaze and 2 crostini’s on the side

Canapé variety – $6

A savory variety of tomato and mozzarella cheese
over a fluffy focaccia bread

Seasonal salad – $5

A wonderfully crisp seasonal house salad made of fresh
arugula, raisins, parmesan, and toasted pumpkin seeds

Gourmet crêpe – $6

Nutella Banana • Bavarian Cream & Mixed Berry
Lemon Meringue & Strawberry

Raspberry ice-cream – $5

A creamy home made ice-cream with crushed raspberries

Specialty Drinks


Lava flow piña colada – $6

A tropical creamy drink that mixes pineapple,
coconut and strawberries.


A sweet bundaberg ginger beer base
with blueberries, raspberries, and honey.


Choose a chilled or steamed milk chocolate base
with a smooth pumpkin flavor.

Blueberry lime slush – $5

A sweet blueberry and tangy lime slush
with soda water and honey.

Vanilla Float – $5

Your choice of root beer or coke over a
dreamy vanilla ice cream.

Martinelli's bottle – $5

Apple Cider • Apple Marrionberry
Apple Grape • Apple Cranberry

Hot drinks – $4

Hot Chocolate • Green Tea • Coffee

Bottomless soda – $3.50

Coke • Diet Coke • Coke Zero • Iced Tea
Lemonade • Ginger Ale • Sprite • Dr. Pepper

Macaroni & Cheese
Cornish Hen
Prime Rib