Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Prestige?
The Prestige is a completely new and different experience than the Grand Dining Chamber at Mystique Dining. Guests at The Prestige enjoy a parlour style dinner experience followed by 45 minutes of award-winning stage and bar style magic by the best magicians in the world!(Reservations required) It also offers a walk-in lunch menu.

Is The Prestige open for lunch?
YES! We offer a wonderful atmosphere to bring family & friends for a casual yet unique lunch experience. Our lunch menu features gourmet savory and sweet crepes, soup de jour, and a broad selection of drinks and specialty drinks. Reservations are NOT required for lunch and no formal performance is offered. You may, catch a random performance of magic at our performance bar during our lunch hours or in the evening as a preshow teaser, however that is not guaranteed. Lunch hours are Monday through Saturday 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM.

Is The Prestige appropriate for kids?
Absolutely! Children are welcome as long as their behavior is not a distraction to other guests. Children under 8 are strongly discouraged.

What is the seating capacity?
The Prestige can accommodate up to 48 people at full capacity with appropriate social distancing. We have 12 tables that seat up to 4 people.

How long is the experience?
The Prestige experience lasts approximately two and one half hours. Dinner is seated from approximately 2 hours to 1 hour prior to showtime. Dinner is served and after dessert is cleared you are entertained for approximately 45 minutes by the best magicians touring the world.

What kind of menu is offered?
Comfort food that warms your soul! At our evening dinner shows, choose an entree from Prime Rib Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Personal Pizza pie (vegan/gluten free), Vermont Macaroni and Cheese (add chicken or lobster if you wish). Entrees must be chosen when tickets are purchased. A select menu of drinks, specialty drinks, appetizers and gourmet dessert crepes is offered at your table for an additional charge. Special dietary requests such as allergies or sensitivities can be accommodated. These may incur an added expense.

Who prepares the food?
All food is prepared on site by our Executive Chef and culinary team.

Does The Prestige serve alcohol?
We are in the process of applying for our beer and wine license to be able to serve you and also allow you to bring in your own bottle of wine for a modest corkage fee. Please check back soon for updates here!

What kind of events are offered?
Our magical dining experience in our exclusive Parlour of Magic is offered for both public and private performances throughout the year. We present themed presentations during the holiday season beginning in early September and continuing through the New Year. The balance of the year we host award winning magicians from around the world who demonstrate their artistry at your table. The Prestige will gladly provide a customized entertainment experience for any event. Call our information/assistance number for details (916) 293-9000.

How does someone purchase tickets?
Tickets may be purchased exclusively on this website (

Can reservations be made without buying tickets?
Unfortunately not. We are a box office that sells tickets to events. Seats are sold on a first come, first served basis and it is not fair for us to hold tickets when others are willing to pay. Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable with at least 48 hours notice.

Can you buy tickets at the door?
It never hurts to try. Sometimes all food options won’t be available at the last minute but we do our very best to accommodate everyone.

Is there a “Dress Code”?
No. The grandeur of our décor and the formality of our servers can be intimidating to some. This is not our intent. We do this so your experience is fun and unique but we are casual people.

Is there a group rate?
In our Grand Dining Chamber, private groups (single purchase transaction) of 20 or more receive a 15% discount.

Are gift certificates available?
Absolutely! Buy more than ten and receive a discount from the face value. The more you buy the better the discount.

Are gratuities expected?
Our servers and kitchen staff are compensated for their time and they do share the evenings gratuities collectively. For this reason we ask that you are generous with your gratuities at the table or online at checkout. We are however aware that large groups seldom tip individually and are often the most demanding of the servers. As is standard in the hospitality industry, a gratuity of 18% is added to group sales of 10 or more.